Why should I Use PayPal at online casinos?

Using this e-wallet, you’ll be able to store all your card information in one secure place. PayPal allows you to deposit, although it is restricted in Canada and only a few casinos have this facility which is approved by PayPal and withdraw money at online casinos. PayPal allows you to transfer your funds to an online casino and can enable you to benefit from great rewards.

Fantastic Welcome bonuses are also added to your bankroll on choosing this as their payment method. To know more about it, visit being a Canadian can you make deposit with PayPal at online Casino!

Which game can I play on PayPal Slots site?

There are plenty of popular games available like Slots, Blackjack online, Roulette and more available at PayPal Casinos.

What are the PayPal online casinos for Canadians to play slots?

Not all online casinos accept PayPal transactions especially the Canadian players. Here find the best PayPal online casinos for Canadians to play slots in 2019. 

How to Make a Paypal Casino Deposit?

Not all casino accept Canadian players. You can still play using PayPal on those casinos that are approved by PayPal. On these casinos, you need to set up your Paypal Account and if you already have one you can go ahead and use the same one to make casino deposit.

How to Withdraw from Paypal Slots casinos?

Go to the withdrawal page on the online casino site you’re registered on and from the withdrawal page the casino’s website and simply select PayPal as a withdrawal option. This will navigate you to the PayPal withdrawal page. Enter your PayPal account details and also the amount you wish to withdraw from your casino account balance. Once you approve the withdrawal it will be reflected in your e-wallet account.

Is Paypal a Safe and Secure e-wallet?

Paypal is a well-reputed company, known to maintain the best standards in security by using various safety features. These features include two-factor authentication, a PIN and an SSL encryption. Each and every transaction around the clock is monitored in order to prevent fraud, identity theft, and email phishing.

Can I get Free Paypal Withdrawals from Coinbase?

Free withdrawals are availed only by some of the regions, like the US, UK, EU, and Canada. Currently, Coinbase provides wallets for EUR, USD, and GBP but this addition may indicate inclusion of CAD and AUD wallets. For more information please visit our page How to have free Paypal Withdrawals from coinbase!

What Paypal Rewards Can I Get?

If you play at PayPal Casinos, most of the casinos offer online casino bonuses for your initial sign-up. These additional bonuses might range from 5% to 15% on any deposits. But as a player, you are suggested to check on the terms and conditions which specify information about PayPal deposit bonuses.