Can You Make Deposits with PayPal at Woodbine Canada for Horse Racing?

Can you make Deposits with PayPal at Woodbine Canada for Horse Racing
HPIbet Canada

In October 2020, Woodbine Entertainment, Canada’s horse racing and wagering leader, added PayPal, one of the world’s leading digital payments providers, on its platform. The update provides Woodbine’s customers a fast, private, safe, and reliable method for online transactions. So certainly you can fund the site with Paypal for horse racing.

HPIbet is the leading Canadian wagering application that allows users to easily place bets and view races on hundreds of tracks across the globe. HPIbet is available across Canada through

According to Kevin Maharaj, director of business and product development at Woodbine Entertainment they are thrilled to team up with PayPal, a payment processing global leader, to bring their customers their trusted and popular funding mechanism to their platform. He added that they are constantly looking for new ways to enrich the customer experience on HPIbet. Allowing customers from across Canada to fund their accounts using PayPal is a huge step forward in achieving this goal

Benefits of the PayPal platform for HPIbet members include adding another seamless way to privately and securely deposit money into accounts from their bank account, credit card and debit card attached to their PayPal account or their PayPal balance.

Types of Bets you can place at HPIBet

  • WIN: This is the easiest and most popular bet. You collect money if your horse is the winner of the race. 
  • PLACE: A place wager collects money if your horse finishes in either first or second position. 
  • SHOW: A show wager collects money if your horse finishes in either first, second or third position. 

Combinations of these three basic bets, such as “WIN PLACE SHOW” (WPS), are also available. For these combinations you are, in essence, placing multiple bets at the same time.

Other bet types include:

Multi Race Wagers: There are several types of wagers that can be made involving the selection of winning horses across multiple consecutive races:

  • DAILY DOUBLE: Pick the winners of two designated consecutive races. Traditionally, most racetracks start their program with a daily double on the first and second races. The wager must be made prior to the start of the first race of the daily double. 
  • PICK 3, WIN 4, PICK 5, PICK 6, etc.: The bettor has to select the winners of a designated set of consecutive races. The wager must be made prior to the start of the first race in the multi-race wager.
  • GRAND SLAM: The bettors must select a horse to finish either first, second or third in three consecutive races and then the official winner in the last leg.
  • MAGNA 5: Similar to a standard Pick-5, the bettor must correctly select the winners of a designated set of 5 races across various tracks.
  • PLACE PICK ALL: The bettors must select the most 1st or 2nd place finishers in the designated races.
  • SIXTY MINUTE SIX: Similar to a standard Pick-6, the bettor must correctly select the winners of a designated set of 6 races across various tracks all within 1 hour.

There are also several types of bets that can be made involving the selection of multiple horses within a race. These bets require you to pick more than one horse in the correct order. The odds of winning these bets are more difficult, but the potential for reward is much greater.

  • EXACTOR/EXACTA: A wager in which you select two horses that must finish first and second in that exact order in a race.
  • QUINELLA: A wager in which you select two horses that must finish first and second in either order in a race.
  • TRIACTOR: A wager in which you select three horses that must finish first, second and third in that exact order in a race.
  • SUPERFECTA/SUPERFECTOR: A wager in which you select four horses that must finish first, second, third and fourth in that exact order in a race.
  • SUPER HI-5: A wager in which you select five horses that must finish first, second, third, fourth and fifth in that exact order in a race.

HPIbet is easy, makes betting online easy, and it can be done in 5 simple steps:

  • First choose the Track and Race number you want to bet on.
  • Then select the Bet Type you want to make.
  • Choose the amount you want to wager.
  • Then  the Horse(s) you want to wager on.
  • Finally Place your Bet.

The total cost of your wager will be automatically deducted from your HPI account balance once you have submitted your wager. If your wager pays off your account will be automatically credited with your winnings once the race results are finalized.

Remember to make an online deposit into your HPIbet account via the HPIbet site, simply sign into your HPIbet account select – MY HPIbet – Deposit/Withdraw. From here you can select between Credit Card, Interac Online, PayPal and Loadhub funding option.  TIP: You can also get to our funding page by clicking the green dollar bill symbol located next to your balance.

Lastly to sign up for an HPIbet account you must be a Canadian resident, 18 years of age (19 in BC). CLick here to join now.

How to make a withdrawal at HPIBet?

To withdraw funds you can visit the HPIbet West Express or HPIbet Player Services booth at Woodbine Racetrack (9am to 11pm), Hastings Racecourse (9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday and 9am to 8pm Sundays), Fraser Downs (Live Racing Only) Western Fair (Live Racing 5:30pm to 11pm) or Century Mile (9:30am to Last race). You must present Government Issue Photo ID along with a signed withdrawal slip to receive your cash. Requests in excess of $1000 will require 24 hours notice.

 You can make a withdrawal from an automated teller machines. Withdrawals can be made with your HPIbet account card at any self-serve terminal in the following areas: WEG (Woodbine, Mohawk, Greenwood, Flamboro, Georgian, Grand River, Clinton, Hanover and Champions teletheatre locations), Alberta (Century Downs and Century Bets! OTB, Century Mile and century Mile OTB), BC (Hastings Park, Fraser Downs and TBCTeletheatres). 

Note that Account Card functionality may differ between home market areas depending on Tote providers. For more information regarding your HPIbet Account Card functionality please contact an HPIbet Representative (locally) at 416-675-8886 or 1-888-675-8886. Vouchers can be cashed with any mutual teller in the same tote in which the voucher was issued. Also note that vouchers exceeding $1000CDN cannot be honored at any Champions Teletheatre or exceeding $800CDN at any B.C. area TBC Teletheatre. You can redeem vouchers in excess of the amount listed above at a racetrack location and not that of a Teletheatre. 

To withdraw funds from your HPIbet account when you are unable to visit the racetrack, you ca send a written request, which can be mailed to: HPIbet 555 Rexdale Blvd. Toronto, ON M9W 5L2; faxed 416-213-2130 or scanned and emailed to us at Your letter should include your name, date, HPIbet account number, the dollar amount for withdrawal and a signature. Also verify in your request the address you would like the cheque mailed to or the pre-registered credit card you would like the money returned to. The bettor can issue a cheque for any amount over $50.  In addition, you may ask to keep the letter on file for any future withdrawals by including on the written request the following: “Please keep on file for future verbal withdrawal requests”. 

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