What is Flywire and how it works with Paypal?

Flywire and Paypal

Flywire is a leading provider of international payment and receivables solutions and has added Paypal to  its options for businesses, students and patients making cross-border payments via its platform.

Flywire will add PayPal as a new payment method for payers in Canada, the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States. The integration will streamline payment reconciliation for clients that offer Flywire for international transactions, and give businesses, students and patients another popular option when making those payments.

Note that Flywire prohibits gambling and therefore you cannot use to fund your casino account as its policy states that you cannot “use the service other than for the processing of payments on behalf of an international student or healthcare patient to a Designated Entity”.

Flywire provides businesses, educational institutions, and healthcare providers with the ability to offer customers a highly-tailored, international payment experience – customized by country, currency and vertical. The platform helps client organizations streamline the management and tracking of international receivables.

How to pay with PayPal?

How flywire works

Flywire works best if you are student or need to pay for your health services. To get started you need to first create your flywire account then select your institution from the flywire homepage and then enter your home country and payment amount. You will get a list of payment options such as paypal or credit card or any given in the payment list and then select your preferred method to make a deposit. Now enter your personal details and payment info and you will get your payment instructions and select the method to pay. You can also track your payment status online and receive email alerts each step of the way.

Note that Paypal has more than 200 million active account holders that use its platform to make payments around the world via mobile devices, in an app, or in person and is one of the most popular payment methods available and Flywire with Paypal give customers a secure and effective way to conduct international financial transactions.

Flywire Company

Flywire was introduced six years ago as a way for international students to pay their tuition for studies abroad, Flywire is now used by over 1,300 organizations across 18 countries around the world. The company processes billions in payments per year from 220 countries and territories, via bank transfer, credit card and e-wallet solutions, in over 120 different local currencies. Convenient, fast and secure, Flywire’s scalable platform provides currency conversion at exchange rates that can offer significant savings when compared to home-market banks and credit card providers. The company also supports its clients with end-to-end customer support including multilingual servicing via phone (toll free number +1 800 346 9252), email, and chat, as well as 24/7 online payment tracking.