What is Paypal’s Canada post solutions for small business?

Paypal Canada

PayPal Canada in partnership with Canada Post, has launched PayPal and Canada Post Solutions for Small Business, an integrated payment and shipping solution for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and casual sellers.

Here online sellers can track their orders, print shipping labels, and pay for shipping using their PayPal accounts. Users can also schedule a parcel pick-up time from Canada Post, which will save them time by not having to personally drop off parcels to customers locally or internationally. In addition, the new integration will send tracking information and delivery confirmation alerts to both sellers and customers once a shipping label has been created.

This solution is meant to make ecommerce “more accessible” for small businesses, especially as a recent survey by PayPal indicated that 83 percent of Canadian small and medium-sized businesses do not currently sell online. As shipping and order fulfillment is one of the most challenging aspects of ecommerce in Canada the small business customers have shared that it’s one of their top concerns and often keeps them awake at night. With today’s new solution with Canada Post, Paypal will help solve a major pain point for customers and help them grow.

By launching a new payments and shipping solution, PayPal is catching up to companies like Shopify. The Ottawa-based company introduced Shopify Shipping in September 2015, a feature that also allows merchants to buy and print discounted shipping labels within the Shopify platform. Similar to PayPal, Shopify Shipping allows users to schedule a free home pickup from United States Postal Service or drop prepaid shipments off at USPS offices without having to wait in line.

Shopify has shown that it’s increasingly focusing on tackling issues around payments for merchants, through solutions like Shopify Pay which lets customers save their shipping and credit card information to reduce the amount of time it takes to purchase with Shopify Merchants.

This new Paypal solution will allow sellers to link their PayPal and Canada Post Solutions for Small Business account, and be eligible to receive savings on domestic and international shipments.