Walmart Canada now allows PayPal payment mode to buy groceries and stuff

Walmart Canada now allows PayPal payment mode to buy groceries and stuff

PayPal is now available as a new payment option on Walmart Canada as more Canadians shop online for groceries and essentials than ever before, according to new research. A survey commissioned by PayPal in early April 2020 showed that 30 per cent of Canadians are shopping online for groceries. This marks a 58 per cent jump from a comparable survey conducted just four weeks earlier, before the coronavirus was declared a global pandemic.

Online shopping at peak

Canadian consumers had already embraced online shopping before the pandemic, as 95 per cent reported in early March 2020  that they had made an online purchase. Before the health crisis, online grocery shopping was less popular, with only 19 per cent reporting engaging in the activity at the time. Now, the most recent survey shows close to one in three Canadians surveyed (30%) are shopping online to buy groceries. That survey also found that since the outbreak, more Canadians have started to shop online for essential items like household supplies (41% increase) and toiletries (33% increase), as well as other items like entertainment, toys and games (18% increase).

The new research findings seem to mark a substantial shift in Canadians’ shopping behaviours. When asked if their online shopping habits would change in the coming months, the vast majority of respondents (81%) said they anticipate shopping online the same amount or more, and 44 per cent said they expect to increase their online shopping.

How to pay with Paypal at Walmart Canada online?

How to pay with Paypal at Walmart Canada online?

To pay with Paypal at Walmart Canada online you need to first open your account with Walmart or simply buy the products as guest and do the online transaction.

Now once you click on the product you wish to buy online at Walmart, add the product to the shopping cart.

Now add your name and shipping address on the form provided

Proceed to make the payment with Paypal

First, sign up for a PayPal account. When checking out on, you’ll be redirected to PayPal’s website where you will be prompted to enter your PayPal account login information and select your payment method. After completion, you will be redirected back to and your order will be placed.

According to  Alexis Lanternier, Executive Vice-President of eCommerce for Walmart Canada they are proud to be the first Canadian retailer that sells groceries to offer PayPal, making online shopping more accessible for more Canadians,” “PayPal has a long-standing reputation as a safe and trusted payment provider and together, they’re helping Canadians shop for the products they need right now.”

Canadians who shy away from online shopping worry about secure payments. The most recent survey found that among Canadian respondents who don’t shop online, 39 per cent are worried about putting their financial information on the Internet. Walmart has chosen to include PayPal into their online checkout to help put shoppers at ease as the payment platform doesn’t share personal financial details with third parties. 

Choosing PayPal during checkout means Canadians have the flexibility of paying for their purchase with their bank account, Visa Debit card, or credit card linked to their PayPal account while earning their card-associated reward pointsi. Opening an account is free and customers are not charged a fee when making purchases. 

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