What is Magento Payflow Pro integration and how to use it?

Magento Payflow Pro

Magento Pay Flow Pro Intergeration is a software for Paypal Business accounts.  Merchants using Magento 2.X Payflow Pro are currently being targeted by carding activity. As a result, PayPal can enable Basic Fraud Protection package on merchants who are interested in turning this feature on.

Payflow Payment Gateway Paypal

Merchants impacted will need to install a patch that Magento has made available for their 2.X platform to resolve this issue. You can find out how to install this patch in their PayPal Payflow Pro active carding activity section. 

Next, contact Payflow support using the contact information below to request Basic Fraud Protection: 

Payflow Support NA business hours are Monday through Friday 7:00 AM – 8:00 PM (CST) Phone: 1-888-883-9770 (Select prompt 2) 

For International customers: 1-408-967-0191 Or use Email: payflow-support@paypal.com

Paypal manager

Place a checkmark next to the filters that you would like deployed on your account and enable the radio button next to the filter action you would like triggered. You can choose from:

  • Reject – Reject the transaction if the filter is triggered. 
  • Review – Set the transaction aside for further review if the filter is triggered.

Next Click Deploy and on the Service Settings Tab, click Test Setup.

  • Under Deploy Test Setup Filters to Live Setup, click Move Test Filter Settings to Live.
  • To confirm, click Move Test Filter Settings to Live near the bottom of the page.
  • Click Deploy to Active Mode in order for PayPal to take action against transactions that were triggered by a filter.  

Note it takes an hour for the changes to take effect

Payflow pro for Paypal

Fraud protection filters and how to know of a fraud activity

So as a Merchant account holder in Paypal you will need to install a patch that Magento has made available for their 2.X platform to resolve this issue. Payflow Fraud Protection Services enable you to identify potentially fraudulent transactions. You must configure Fraud Protection Service filters to meet your needs; they are not active until you configure them.

Basic Fraud Protection filters include the following:

  • Total Purchase Price Ceiling Filter
  • Total Item Ceiling Filter
  • Shipping/Billing Mismatch Filter
  • AVS Failure Filter
  • Card Security Code Failure Filter
  • ZIP Risk List Match Filter
  • IP Address Velocity Filter 

When stolen credit card numbers are purchased online, fraudsters want to make sure that the card numbers are active and have not been reported lost or stolen. To do this, they may go to donation sites or e-commerce sites and quickly make multiple donations or purchases to test the card before it is reported lost or stolen. When multiple credit card numbers are tested to make sure that they are active and have not been reported lost or stolen, this is known as carding.

Paypal Manager

 To find out if there has been fraudulent activity follow the steps below

  • Login to the PayPal Manager.
  • On the Reports tab, click Transaction Summary
  • Enter a date range
  • Click Run Report

Review the data returned in the Transaction Summary report and see if the transaction count is in line with your normal transactional activity.  If these numbers appear to be elevated, you may have experienced fraudulent activity.