What is the new PayPal Checkout in Canada?

PayPal Checkout Canada

The new PayPal Checkout launched last year is to drive conversions solutions for global commerce to help millions of global consumers and businesses seamlessly connect across all contexts. In Canada this will give consumers more choice in how they can pay and is designed to help drive conversions for businesses.

PayPal Checkout uses a different integration method that can intelligently present relevant payment types to your shoppers if you are a merchant based on what Paypal know about them and can also update buttons, payment methods, and the checkout experience automatically, with no additional work on your end.

PayPal Checkout reduces the number of clicks or taps along the path to purchase, and has been shown to drive the highest conversion rates across the industry. A recent comScore study found that PayPal Checkout converted at 88.7 per cent during checkout – 82 per cent higher than a checkout without PayPal.

What does PayPal Checkout do?

Paypal checkout infographic
Source: PayPal Canada

PayPal Checkout enables a personalized checkout experience and dynamically presents the most relevant payment methods at checkout. Also for international shoppers and businesses that are looking to grow in international markets PayPal rolled out local alternative payment methods including iDEAL for customers in the Netherlands, Bancontact for customers in Belgium, MyBank for customers in Italy, Giropay for customers in Germany and EPS for customers in Austria.

In addition, they have long enabled SEPA Direct Debit for customers in Germany.

Businesses selling across borders to customers in the above markets will be able to dynamically present relevant local wallets based on the customer’s location. Also Paypal will roll out additional local payment methods in the near future.

  • When you integrate PayPal Checkout onto your site as a Merchant, your customers can check out in just a few clicks from multiple places, helping boost your sales conversion and reduce cart abandonment.
  • Shoppers can start the checkout process earlier in the shopper journey, on the product detail page or shopping bag.
  • Shoppers review and confirm details in a secure pop-up window on your website and with One Touch, PayPal shoppers can complete their purchase even faster, without having to log in or fill out their billing information.
  • PayPal passes customer contact and shipping details to you so buyers can check out without needing to complete forms on your site.
PayPal Canada

PayPal Checkout includes powerful conversion drivers like One Touch which enables consumers to check out across millions of businesses without having to enter usernames, passwords, or payment information, once they’ve opted-in.

Through One Touch Acquisition, another feature of PayPal Checkout, shoppers can create accounts and set up payments with a business without having to type in all of their information, which is designed to help increase registration, conversion and repeat purchases.

Businesses around the world like Beyond Proper by Boston Proper  and Zumiez are already using the new PayPal Checkout to offer their customers more choice and to drive conversions. E-commerce platforms from Magento to WooCommerce have already enabled the new checkout experience for their customers.

PayPal Checkout can be integrated with most major shopping carts. Plus, you only begin paying when you start receiving payments.

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Seller Protection on PayPal Checkout

PayPal Checkout includes features like Purchase Protection and Seller Protection on eligible purchases, the ability to sell across contexts – like within social media feeds – as well as across borders, and enables customers to complete a purchase directly on a business’s website.

Lately only the very largest e-commerce companies had access to tools like this, but as part of PayPal’s mission to democratize access to powerful commerce tools, and now enabling this for businesses of all sizes around the world. Paypal is constantly working to build the tools that will help businesses of all sizes enable better experiences for their customers so they can more effectively compete, in turn, fostering a vibrant and thriving retail ecosystem.

Finally note that thePayPal Checkout supports many businesses with subscription or billing needs. You can call to find out about more subscription payments at 1-866-357-0135, Monday through Friday, 8AM-6PM Central Time. (with inputs from Paypal Canada)