Which Browser is Safe When Making a Deposit at Online Casino with PayPal?

PayPal Browser

Players that are alert always want secure and safe online transaction when funding their real CAD at casinos to play slots or other games. PayPal online casinos are considered to be safe to use as PayPal offers top notch secure banking transactions. Though there are very few online casinos that list PayPal as one of their deposit methods that too which are located offshore as Canadians are not allowed to use PayPal for funding any gambling or real money play.

Still otherwise also if you use PayPal for any online purchase of games at app stores or any other thing many Canadians worry as which browser is safe when making a deposit with PayPal.

Though all know what a web browser is still for the ones who are too young players a Web browser is a software application that allows you to visit and view Web pages, or casino or other sites. Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari are the most common Web browsers even used for your cell phone internet browsing.

The url is not your web browser as URL is the box at the top of your Web browser that displays the URL or Web address of the page you are viewing like you type the url of an online casino for the web browser to open it.

How to know that you are using a safe browser or not?

PayPal site is safe and secure for online banking transactions
  • You should check that you’re using the latest available version of the browser.
  • It offers automatic software patches and upgrades.
  • It comes with anti-phishing functionality that lets you know when you’re on a suspicious page or site.
  • It protects data with powerful, 128-bit encryption.

To know which browser you are using simply open the browser, click Help, and select About .

The browsers that come with anti phishing features are Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later, Mozilla Firefox 2 or later, Opera 9.1 or later and Safari 5 or later.

Also you will find that the browsers have http or https. HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) is a format commonly used to send data over the Internet. HTTP data is not encrypted, making it potentially vulnerable to hackers.

HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol using Secure Sockets Layer) encrypts so it can be sent over the Internet more safely. When you enter a URL (a Web address) into a browser, the address will generally begin with either HTTP or HTTPS (as in https://www.paypal.ca). Another indication HTTPS is in use is the presence of a padlock icon on the page.

Most of the reputed and well known online casinos or sites like Paypal are safe on such browsers as they have SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) which is a secure communications protocol used by browsers, websites, and applications to protect information sent over the Internet. SSL protocol uses encryption and authentication technologies to ensure that only the intended parties can access the information.

Many sites including PayPal have extended validation or the EV SSL digital certificate that provides secure connections to websites. The EV certificate is an improvement over standard SSL certificates because it requires corporations to pass extensive audits and certification processes to prove they own their site domains.

Therefore it is always recommended to use only SSL encrypted trusted online casino to play slots or other games. Also if using PayPal for any online transaction it is safe and secure and can be used without any worry.