Which Casino is the Best PayPal Online Casino for Canadians?

Jackpot city Casino Canada

In 2018 things have not much changed as far it goes to finding the best PayPal online casino for Canadians.  Though PayPal in Canada is one of the most popular forms of online financial transaction to buy or purchase and do business but for online casinos it’s not allowed and so unfortunately no online casino allows PayPal deposit mode to Canadians even in 2018. This is due to the lack of regulation of online casinos in Canada that you won’t find any online casinos that allow PayPal as a method of depositing online.

It’s not impossible that Canadian gamblers could use PayPal in the (near) future. While PayPal has a very complicated gambling policy, things are not as bleak as it could be: the list of countries where PayPal can be used to fund gaming accounts expands steadily with a couple of countries every year.

Note that PayPal, also sometimes referred to as a web or e-wallet, offers the users the facilities of paying according to their convenience. With PayPal, you can send money anywhere you like, receive money from legal bank accounts and even shop online. It’s convenient, fast to use and supports a wide variety of currencies, including Canadian dollars.

Alternative deposit methods for Canadians

Jackpot City Casino Banking- Alternatives for Canadians

Unfortunately for Canadians, PayPal can’t be used for online gambling. Only UK, Scandinavians and few other European countries get to use PayPal at online casinos.

No need to worry though. There are many other alternative deposit methods for Canadians at almost all of the online casino. Like Jackpot city casino offers over 40 deposit modes to choose from. Instead of using PayPal use either your credit or bank cards, Bitcoins or bank account via InstaDebit, effectively to fund your casino account. Just like PayPal, both of these methods are fast, secure and convenient and found at most online casinos offering wonderful slots.

Besides these there are other various methods that are Canadian friendly and offered by most of the online casinos for east deposits for Canadian players to play real cash games in CAD.

Visa/Master credit card or Bank Cards

Deposits by credit cards

Launched in 1958, VISA is one of the oldest and most reliable credit cards companies today. It is also the largest credit card company in the world. VISA ensures complete security when it is used for an online transaction. It has its own security tool, known as Verified by VISA, to ensure security.

As how verified by Visa is implemented varies from bank to bank. No matter how it is implemented, Verified by Visa checks three things: the validity of the card, that there are enough funds for the transaction and that it’s really you making the transfer. Only after this check is the transaction approved.

Mastercard was launched in 1966. It was developed by a group of Californian banks in competition with the BankAmeriCard (latern known as VISA) from Bank of America. Nowadays Mastercard is the second most popular card payment processor in the world.

Mastercard has its own verification system known as SecureCode. It provides you with a personal and secure security code that you need to use when you complete a transaction.

Verified by Visa or Mastercard Securecode are not the only things keeping deposits safe. Online casinos also use the the same kind of encryption as online banks use to make certain no eavesdropper gets your payment information.

  • In order to use this method to make a deposit into your online casino account, visit the cashier or banking section of the casino and click on VISA or Mastercard credit card.
  • Now look at your VISA or Mastercard issued in Canada and you will need to enter your credit card number and the amount you want to transfer.
  • The transaction will then be verified by the credit card’s verification system.
  • Once the transaction has been confirmed and verified, your funds will be transferred to place real money bets on casino games.

While depositing is identical with VISA and Mastercard, withdrawing is not.

Visa online deposit at casinos

Payouts with VISA: If you deposited with VISA, you can withdraw funds back on to your card. You can then either use the funds when you use your card to pay something. Alternatively you can call your card issuer and ask that the funds are transferred into your bank account.

Payouts with Mastercard: Mastercard cannot be used to make withdrawals. When you win and want to withdraw, the sum of your original deposit is returned to your card. Whatever is left you can withdraw with other methods, like transferring it to your bank account or getting a cheque.

Most casinos don’t deduct a fee from card deposits, but some do. If a fee is charged, it’s usually around 2%-3% of the sum transferred. The reason for the fees is that card deposits are incredibly expensive to process for gambling operators.


iDebit deposit options

iDebit is a safe, secure and speedy Canadian online payment method that allows players to pay online straight from their bank account. iDebit has a similar name to Instadebit which naturally leads people to believe that it is the same company but this is a common mistake. iDebit was launched specifically for the Canadian players and addresses some shortfalls of Instadebit.

The sign-up process with iDebit only takes a few minutes. Users simply have to verify personal information and follow the instructions. There are no set up fees. iDebit deposits are the same as electronic checks in that they are processed immediately, but the debit only reflects in your bank account a few days later. Typically online casinos process a withdrawal within a few days and iDebit transfers it to the customer’s bank account within 2 – 3 days after that. It is important to note that unlike deposits, iDebit withdrawals are only available to Canadian citizens.

When wiring funds to online casinos and the balance in the iDebit account is insufficient to cover the amount, the system will send a transaction to the user’s bank account to cover the deficit.

  • When depositing with iDebit at online casino first verify that your bank accepts iDebit as a payment method.
  • Then select iDebit as your preferred payment option at the banking page and select your bank
  • You will then be taken to your bank’s web page and asked to enter your usual credentials to log in.
  • Confirm and authorize the payment instruction, and the process is completed to play real money games.


Paysafe card

Ukash has been rebranded as Paysafecard and many online casinos offer this payment mode at their banking page. You will be asked to visit the PaySafeCard to buy a PaySafeCard with your credit card, debit card, or through net-banking. It is perfectly secure to purchase a PaySafeCard with any of these transaction methods. Optionally, if you do not have a bank account, you can buy this card at gas stations, supermarkets, or post offices with cash.

This unique card helps you make online payments in 22 different currencies instantly and safely without disclosing any sensitive personal-financial information. When you buy the card, you receive a 16-digit PIN, which is used for making online purchases or currency deposits. A newly purchased PaySafeCard is valid for one year, after which a monthly fee is deducted from the card value.

To use this terrific card, all you need to do is log into your online casino account at online casino Canada, and select the Bank button followed by the PaySafeCard logo. After ensuring you have available funds in Canadian currency, simply use the funds to top-up up the online casino account. Your casino account will be immediately credited with the requested funds from PaySafeCard. You can instantly begin playing your favorite online game.

This card was designed for the sole purpose of making deposits at online casino accounts; thus, this card does not support “withdrawals from casino accounts.” This can pose a serious problem for gamers who do not own a bank account. Also, if you buy this card online, then you will have to reveal your personal financial details associated with net-banking, debit, or credit card.


Instadebit at All slots casino canada

This is best alternative to PayPal in Canada. InstaDebit, allows people accessing online casinos from Canada to make cash payments to online casinos directly from a bank account.

As the name suggests, InstaDebit completes the transaction almost instantly, so there’s no delay in the purchase and transfer of Canadian Dollars to your casino bank account.

InstaDebit, unlike other services, is free for the customer. The merchant bears the InstaDebit transaction fee. The two step sign-up process is fairly quick and painless, requiring a name, address, date of birth, and the last four digits of the player’s social insurance number in the first step and bank information in the second.

InstaDebit runs an identity check prior to activation of the account and also ensures player’s privacy through the TRUSTe Privacy Program.

After sign up and approval, can be made at online casinos through the use of the email and password identification provided at sign up by clicking on the InstaDebit logo on the vendor website.

Now after entering the sign in information on the InstaDebit page that comes up, you can select and confirm an amount which is then instantly transferred from your casino’s account. All transactions can be viewed on the individual’s InstaDebit account.

As with any online casino payment method, withdrawing funds when you win is a major concern. InstaDebit make withdraws painless with their innovative system. After transferring the money you won from the casino into your InstaDebit account you will be allowed to use these funds for future casino transactions, online purchases or even transfer the money back to your bank account.

Finally remember that there are deposit limits to casinos that may vary in each casino. Usually a minimum deposit at any online casino is usually around $10-$25 CAD. The maximum is around 1,000-2,000 Canadian dollars, although there are exceptions. The biggest exception is Casino.com which accepts large card deposits of C$25,000.