What are the five reasons suggested by PayPal Canada so as to use mobile payment at casinos and stores?

Paypal CanadaPaypal Canada is always offering tips and guides to Canadians which work really smart. Because of the recent Coronavirus outbreak PayPal launched many policies and procedures for its users. To avoid cash handling PayPal Canada is good for digital and online transactions

PayPal lets you add Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express cards that have a registered billing address to make your PayPal payments. If you prefer, it’s also fast and easy to pay using your bank account.

Lately Paypal Canada suggested five reasons as to why one should use mobile payment or pay with cell phones at casinos and stores. As you know you can pay your for shopping bills, gas bills and many more of such payments with cell phone and but there are many Canadians who do not use cell phone payment options.  According to a survey by Technology Strategies International (TSI), a Canadian technology market research firm, just over 48 percent people in Canada do not have a mobile payment option installed on their phones. On the other hand a recent Nielsen survey says that 29 per cent of Canadians are actively using their phones as a mobile payment system, with over half of these Canadians using a digital wallet on a day-to-day basis.

Also according to IDC, total worldwide consumer mobile payments will reach $3.814 trillion annually by 2020. Moreover,

But for those Canadians who don’t use mobile/cell phone payment options, Paypal Canada advises and suggests you with these following five reasons to do so

1. Cell phone or mobile payment is convenient

Paypal Canada suggest the benefit of cell phone or mobile payment as more convenient. As you do away with physical debit and credit cards means reducing the number of items a person needs to carry. Some applications also allow for in-app purchasing, meaning that shopping can be done all within one place. You can play slots games at casinos and pay with your cell phone through online casino app or directly going to casino cashier with your smartphone. Also if you download a free game app to play like Double Down Casino or Slotomania you can buy in app purchases there and then  while you play with your cell phone.

PayPal launched QR code contactless payments In Canada, with zero transaction fees. PayPal has rolled out QR code payments in Canada, enabling contactless mobile payments through the PayPal app.

By using the QR code functionality, merchants can minimise physical interactions with the customers, while also limiting the customer’s interaction with the checkout technology, as there is no need to touch a POS terminal or enter a PIN.

To benefit from this solution, users can go to the PayPal app, click ‘Send’, and tap the QR code symbol in the top right-hand corner. Afterwards, the camera will open, thus enabling customers to scan a seller’s QR code and follow the prompts to complete the transaction. Sellers can create a PayPal-generated QR code by following the same steps.

2. You can easily convert your home currency to other with your cell phone payment

Cell phone services can make payments in other countries more easy thanks to reduced interchange and conversion fees. Suppose you are playing online poker at UK based casino and you need to pay in Euros, you can easily convert your home currency with the tap of your finger on your cell phone while making payment with your phone device.

Paypal Canada

3. Cell phone payment option offers flexibility

A digital payment platform allows travellers to easily swap payment options if a credit limit be reached or cards become locked out. But with cell phone or mobile payments you are encouraged to spend more evenly across different cards. Smartphones open up very exciting opportunities when it comes to business-consumer communication. As phone POS technology evolves, casino will be able to send coupons to opted-in players phones based on their gaming habits or geographic location. They will also be able to offer sophisticated, cell phone-based loyalty programs that will leverage social media and ditch paper punch cards.

4. Cell phone payment is safe

Digital payments do away with the need for having physical money, so users don’t have to worry about lost or stolen cash. Additional levels of security are also available through the encryption of credentials and biometric authentication of payments through fingerprint scanning. Almost all virtual terminals will request the same standard security measures when taking payments. As well as the long card number and expiry date, you will be prompted for the CVV or card security code. One level of the approval of your transaction requires the inputted CVV code to match the CVV code on your card issuer’s file for you.

Every incoming transaction is monitored and analyzed within milliseconds to identify and help prevent fraud before it occurs. What’s more, PayPal sophisticated fraud risk models and analysis tools can be tailored to your unique business needs, so you enjoy optimal protection from fraud.

5. Cell phone payment offers more security online

Using a credit card directly can increase the risk of identity fraud, as payment information is being shared to many different places. With digital platforms such as PayPal, however, credit card information is kept private and not shared with multiple sources. Even when you play slots with Bitcoin is safe and secure with cell phone as you never share your personal details to casino. PayPal does use data servers that constantly scan your browser to ensure it’s using the most recent, up-to-date data encryption technology.

So next time you visit any online casino to play games note these Paypal Canada’s five reasons to play and deposit with your smartphone.