What are the Three Best Canadian Prepaid Cards for PayPal Poker Deposits?

Following are the three Best Canadian Prepaid Cards for Paypal Poker Deposits:

BMO Mosaik Travel MasterCard

BMO Card

This reloadable card costs $9.95 to set up, but that one fee covers you for three years from the date of purchase, with no other fees along the way. It is really easy to put more money on your card if you don’t want to use PayPal—just add funds through your own bank’s online bill pay service. If you’re near a BMO branch, you can even walk in to the branch and deposit money. Having a big banking group like BMO behind the card makes it our favorite; if you have any issues with the card, BMO will help you through their traditional customer service communication methods.

ZoomPass Prepaid MasterCard

Zoom pass

ZoomPass isn’t actually a prepaid card. It is called a “mobile money” system, a project of the various Canadian cell phone providers. ZoomPass is like a prepaid card for your mobile device, a reloadable card with no fees until you try to send money to other ZoomPass users or incur text messaging charges. ZoomPass hasn’t been a very popular money transfer client in its short life, but the card is actually a great deal and easy to use and can allow PayPal clients in Canada to fund their online poker account.

Vanilla MasterCard


Vanilla Master Card customer service is not so good and also the fees are high if you use it more than half a year, and it is expensive. That said, Vanilla MasterCard is one of the only prepaid Canadian cards that you can buy without any sort of ID or anything at all. Walk into a gas station or a big box store and pay a $4.95 fee and you can walk out with a Vanilla prepaid card branded MasterCard. It isn’t the best Canadian prepaid credit card for funding poker through PayPal, but it will work and it isn’t all that expensive when you consider what you’d pay with PayPal. Use the card up within 6 months and by a new one, otherwise you’ll be charged a $2.50/month fee for each month after the first 6 months.