What is PayPal Checkout and Express Checkout?

What is PayPal Checkout and Express Checkout?

PayPal Checkout in Canada was launched in 2018 to give consumers more choice in how they can pay and is designed to help drive conversions for businesses. PayPal Checkout reduces the number of clicks or taps along the path to purchase, and has been shown to drive the highest conversion rates across the industry.

With one simple integration, PayPal Checkout enables a personalized checkout experience and dynamically presents the most relevant payment methods at checkout. Also for international shoppers and businesses that are looking to grow in international markets – Paypal started to roll out local alternative payment methods including iDEAL for customers in the Netherlands, Bancontact for customers in Belgium, MyBank for customers in Italy, Giropay for customers in Germany and EPS for customers in Austria.

What is PayPal Checkout

PayPal Checkout includes powerful conversion drivers like One Touch, which enables consumers to check out across millions of businesses without having to enter usernames, passwords, or payment information, once they’ve opted-in. Through One Touch Acquisition, another feature of PayPal Checkout, shoppers can create accounts and set up payments with a business without having to type in all of their information, which is designed to help increase registration, conversion and repeat purchases.

PayPal Checkout includes features like Purchase Protection and Seller Protection on eligible purchases, the ability to sell across contexts – like within social media feeds – as well as across borders, and enables customers to complete a purchase directly on a business’s website.

Paypal Express Checkout

Paypal Express Checkout

In Express checkout add a PayPal button to your existing payment solution to give your customers a faster, safer way to pay. In a few easy steps, they can speed through checkout using their PayPal account, whether it’s their PayPal balance, bank account, credit card or Visa Debit card.

Here you only pay a transaction fee when you make a sale. To help you get started, Paypal don’t charge you setup fees or termination fees. The more you sell, the less it costs, going as low as 1.9% + $0.30 per sale.

To use Express Checkout

how to use Express checkout

When customers are ready to make a purchase, they see your existing checkout option and the Express Checkout button. Customers who prefer to pay using PayPal select Express Checkout.

  • The Express Checkout button links them to the secure PayPal site to log in. The PayPal pages can be customized to include your logo and other brand elements.
  • Customers have an opportunity to change the shipping address before proceeding.
  • PayPal forwards the shipping address, email, and any other information you need to fulfill the order.
  • When your customers’ payments hit your PayPal account, transfer the money to your bank account or spend it online anywhere PayPal is accepted.

Whether you need PayPal Payments Pro or Express Checkout depends on what you need! PayPal Express Checkout is built for businesses that already accept payments online and are looking to expand their payment options to accept PayPal. With Express Checkout, you can increase sales by reaching out to the 267 million active and loyal PayPal customers.

If you don’t currently accept credit cards online or aren’t happy with your credit card processing provider, you’ll want to check out an all-in-one solution: PayPal Payments Pro. Pro provides the power that supports world-class retailers and allows you to accept all major forms of payment. 

Also to integrate PayPal Express Checkout into your site Paypal provide detailed integration guides for your developers. L

Note that PayPal Express Checkout works with the most popular shopping carts. See more shopping cart partners