How to use Google Pay with PayPal?

Google Pay and PayPal

To use Google Pay with PayPal you need to add first Google Pay to PayPal. You can add PayPal to Google Pay through the Google Pay app or through the PayPal app. To add through the PayPal app tap the Settings gear icon, then Google Pay, then Set it Up and to add though the Google Pay app go to the Cards tab and tap the + symbol, select PayPal to add your PayPal account. You may link up to five PayPal accounts to Google Pay.

PayPal with Google Pay

How does Google Pay work with paypal?

You can use your PayPal account with Google pay in three ways

  • When making purchases at any in-store merchant that accepts Mastercard Contactless Payments, when shopping in an app, or when you use the Chrome mobile web browser to checkout.
  • When shopping in-store or through an app, Google pay uses your PayPal balance. If you don’t have enough money in your PayPal balance at the time of purchase, Paypal will  automatically use your bank or debit card to add money in increments of $10 to your PayPal balance first to cover the purchase.
  • If you’re using the Chrome mobile browser and check out using PayPal with Google Pay, you’ll be asked if you’d like to pay with PayPal. If you do, put your finger on your phone’s fingerprint scanner to complete the purchase. There’s no need to log in with your username and password, authenticate using your biometrics, and then pay with any of your available payment methods.

Also you can choose PayPal from within the Google Pay wallet anywhere you see Google Pay button. If you have not added PayPal to your Google Pay wallet, you will go through linking PayPal account to Google Pay.

Just like with any debit card, you may need to enter a PIN in the payment terminal to authorize certain payments. You can set or change your PIN in the Google Pay section of the PayPal app on your cellphone device or from

Note that there are two ways to set PayPal as the default payment method. Within the Google Pay app, you can click on the contactless symbol below the PayPal card or click on the PayPal card and turn on the Default option.

Automatic top up for Google Pay

Google Pay and PayPal

The account will automatically top up when you don’t have enough money in your PayPal balance to complete a transaction.  You can also manually add money to your account on or through the PayPal app. If you want you can turn off automatic top up in the PayPal mobile app or on  In the PayPal app, tap the Settings gear icon, then Google Pay, then Automatic top up and slide the toggle at the top to “off”.  On, log in to your account and click Automatic top up under “PayPal Balance” on the Summary page.  Keep in mind that if you turn off automatic top up, future Google Pay transactions that don’t have enough PayPal balance to cover the purchase, will be declined. Paypal will allow partial approval for the balance available. Automatic top up is only applicable for in-store purchases.

Also you cannot change the amount how much comes out each time my Google Pay account automatically tops up. Automatic top-up instantly pulls increments of $10 from your linked bank account or debit card so your purchase doesn’t get declined.

Getting refund on your Google Pay purchase

Note that each store has its own refund policies. If you have your printed receipt, the cashier will likely process a refund as they would for any other purchase. If you don’t have a printed receipt, try tapping your phone on the payment reader or show the cashier the last four digits of your unique virtual card, which is located in the Google Pay App.  It will often allow them to look up the transaction in their system to confirm a purchase. You can find your virtual card in the Google Pay app, then click on the PayPal card and see Virtual Account at the bottom. Your refund will be credited back to your PayPal balance.

Google Pay Refund

You can remove Google Pay whenever you want from Paypal

You can remove PayPal from Google Pay on the PayPal website or the Google Pay app.

On the PayPal website, tap the Settings gear icon, select the Payments menu and select Pre-approved payments. Got to “Google, Inc. ” from the left navigation bar and click Cancel.

In the Google Pay app, tap on the PayPal card, at the bottom of the details screen, select the menu in the right corner (…) and click Remove payment method.

Also you can withdraw money left over from an Google Pay transaction like if the money added to your PayPal balance is more than the amount of your purchase, the remaining amount will remain in your PayPal balance. You may withdraw the money to your bank account using the PayPal app or on  

As a safety method if you lose your mobile device, you should deactivate PayPal within Google Pay as soon as possible. Click on settings (Gear icon), then click Payments. Click Manage pre-approved payments and cancel the latest Active Google, Inc billing agreement. If you need help, contact Paypal at Canada toll free 1-855-684-1966, Mon-Fri 5:00 AM to 8:00 PM PT and Sat-Sun 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM PT.
Finally remember even if you remove Google Pay from PayPal, you can still use your PayPal account to make any other kind of PayPal transaction, such as online payments.